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Sales Funnels

We create sales funnels, specific to your business so that the leads we generate, ultimately tun into paying clients.

You know you need a sales funnel…but, real talk, you kinda need to know what it is first.

Sales funnels, marketing funnels, product funnels, lead funnels, click funnels…the marketing world is always talking about these darn things and you know enough to nod your head at the right points but when it comes to actually implementing one in your small business strategy, you feel lost.

The problem with most Digital Marketing Companies is that they only run ads. Ads with no real purpose other than to hopefully land you, the client a sale.

But what’s wrong with that I hear you say?

The real problem with throwing up an ad on either Google or Facebook and then hoping for the best is that if you do not have a purpose-driven funnel to complement the ad, you’re wasting money and here’s why.

Image for a minute that you pay ABC Marketing to get you some Leads. They throw up a few ads and send the traffic straight to your Homepage or Contact Us page.

You’ve managed to get the client so far, but what now? You’re now hoping that the potential client finds what he/she was looking for and then either make a sale or clicks away from your site, never to return again.

80% of the time, you will NEVER have an opportunity to get that client back again.

So what’s the solution to this?

We manage your ads. Get them in front of the right eyes and then most importantly, get them into your funnel where we get their contact details before sending them down the rest of your custom-built funnel.

This way, you have every opportunity to further build a relationship with your potential client, nurture the relationship, retarget them when they leave and ultimately close that deal.

See the difference here?

Sales funnels in a nutshell:

1. Brand Awareness

Letting people know you exist

3. Value Proposition

Educating people on how you can help them

5. Lead Marketing

Nurturing the relationship by sharing ongoing value

7. Memorable Experience

Surprising and delighting your customer

2. Website Visit

Moving people from awareness to interest

4. Lead Generation

Inviting people into relationship with you

6. Making a Sale

Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

8. Client Advocacy

Making it easy for people to advocate for you

Without An Effective Funnel In Place, Your Business Is Leaving Money On The Table

Fear not! You’re about to enter the Shame-Free Funnel, Demystification Zone.

We will tear down the hype and confusion around sales funnels, so you can spend more energy actually selling (and helping your clients sell) and less on Funnel FOMO.

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