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Provoke brand searches with Facebook, close the deal with Google

Not only do we set up your ads, but we also build custom lead generation sales funnels, that converts clicks into paying clients.


A well-targeted campaign on Facebook will not only get you excellent results by reaching and converting a cold audience, it can also increase the number of people searching for your brand name on Google. When this happens, you get a golden opportunity to “close the deal” when they are trying to inquire about your brand and learn some more, after seeing your ad on Facebook.

You will be surprised by the number of people who will go directly to Google and search for your brand name after seeing an ad on Facebook, instead of directly clicking it.

Here at Nimbl, we’ll pull your business out from the depths of websites and into the spotlight of Google & Facebook visitor’s eyeballs.

With a combined IT & digital online experience of 30+ years, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about how a company online presence should look like.

And most importantly, how they should be marketed for the best results. We promise to do for you what we have done for others, and that’s to get results.

Content Is Fire;

Is Gasoline.

So Why


You want sales and you don’t want to overspend on advertising to get them. If you made a million bucks, but you spent R 999,000 to get there, that’s not so good!

In Gauteng, the average cost of Billboard advertising for 1 month is between R 10,000 and R 150,000. One hundred and fifty grand! Think about that.

Imagine you spend R150,000 on Billboard advertising . . .

you pay for all these cars to see your ad. every single one.

but only a small % are potential clients.

This is true of all print, TV, radio and magazine advertising. You pay for everyone to see or hear your ad, regardless if they are likely to buy or not!

Essentially, it can really be a waste of money!

Google & Facebook Ads are different. You can actually choose who you show your ads to. So if you target your ideal customer, then you only pay when your ideal customer sees your ad!

How awesome is that!

If You Can’t

You Can’t Manage It.

What You Get With Our PPC Services

Ads Management

We will manage all your Google Ads to ensure the best possible ROI.

Custom Audiences

We will create FB custom audiences to match your business, service & niche.

Client Niche Research

We will research your industry & niche to ensure highly targeted marketing.

Reporting & Analytics

Receive monthly reporting showing leads, conversions and ad spend.

Full Support

We are here to help because ultimately your success is our success.

Free Bulk Email Platform

You will get free access to your very own bulk emailing platform.

Email Follow Up Funnel

Leads need to be followed up on. We create an email series to do just that.


All sales copy will be written to ensure the highest conversion rates.

Client Sales Funnel

We create a high converting custom sales funnel without distractions.

Custom Client Landing Page

Landing pages are super important and so we tailor build one custom to you.

Need a Custom Solution?

Our Honest PPC Marketing Packages

"Most People Want To Spend The Least On Advertising But If You Put R 10 In A Box Close The Lid And Open It Again And You Take Out R 50, Would You Want To Spend More?"