DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

What is DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM Record)?

Introduction Brief overview of DKIM and its importance in email security Email is indispensable for personal and professional communication in today’s digital landscape. However, with the increasing reliance on email comes the risk of falling victim to various security threats, such as email spoofing and phishing attacks. This is where Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) […]

importance of email newsletters

The Importance of Email Newsletters

If you’re navigating the enormous ocean of digital marketing methods, email newsletters can serve as a lighthouse. The beacon of direct communication and specialised content can help you build better audience connections and increase brand exposure. Discover the secrets of creating interesting newsletters that capture your subscribers’ attention and motivate them to act. Stay tuned […]

Why Email Marketing is still Vital in any Marketing Strategy

Why Email Marketing is still Vital in any Marketing Strategy

Is email marketing still an important and effective strategy for communicating with prospects and customers?  You’ve most likely heard people say email marketing is dead. While some people like to say that this form of marketing is no longer effective, you need to ask yourself whether it’s actually true or not.  The interesting thing is […]

7 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

7 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

How important is it to make sure your website loads quickly? Do a few seconds actually make a difference when it comes to site visitors staying on your site and eventually converting to leads and sales? The answer is a resounding “yes”. You need to invest time with website speed optimisation and making sure your […]

Remarketing VS Retargeting - 9 Differences You Need To Know

Remarketing VS Retargeting – 9 Differences You Need To Know

Given how popular digital marketing strategies have become since the turn of the century, there is no denying the effectiveness of these strategies. Each strategy such as paid advertisement or social media marketing work in their unique ways. Because of this, some strategies are more fitting for businesses than others depending on their marketing situation. […]